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payday Hunt

Ways to Make Extra Money in 2022

I have always been a go-getter and a hard-working individual with an entrepreneurial mindset, looking for ways to make money. This was usually because I thought I could out-earn my spending! I believed my spending was not the problem and I just needed to make more money. The truth is, no matter how much money Read More

Payday Loans myth

Payday Loan Myths

With the explosion in growth of the payday loan service, many so-called watchdogs and consumer advocates have leaped into the fray to charge payday lenders with any number of heinous abuses of hypothetical underprivileged borrowers. Called everything from unscrupulous lenders to loan sharks, most detractors have played on stereotypes and consumer fears. While they have Read More

tax planning


Tax planning should be a year-round affair, over 30 million returns were filed last season and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) wants to help you. But this year, definitely Covid 19 pandemic may have affected your tax filling state. It has been levied by the government on employee’s income and business profits. Tax season is Read More

Unemployed loans

How To Survive During The Phase Of Unemployment?

Losing a job is considered to be the worst thing that can happen to anyone especially. When hiring is slow in the market. In such a situation, managing the expenses of the home also seems to be a little. Difficult if you don’t have a good amount of savings. How to survive during this phase Read More

payday loan, groceries

Top 30 Hacks To Save Money On Monthly Groceries.

We never noticed how much of your general budget you spend on groceries? Can’t understand where your money is going? Is your food expenditure going out of control? Shopping Grocery is a major expense for most families and households, but there are ways to make it more reasonable. Do you have the budget for the household? Here are Read More

finance tips for coronavirus outbreak


We all are Worried about finances due to the coronavirus outbreak? Well, the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting our daily lives at every major level psychologically, physically, mentally, and of course financially. People across the world split financially. Financial stress dominates for many of us; people are bound to stay at home to stay safe. Potentially Read More

Celebrate new year 2021

Celebrate Your New Year Eve in More Fun & Affordable Way.

2020 has not easy year it has been full of challenges no doubt, and many are eager to ring in the New Year with a celebration of renewal. New Year’s Eve 2021 will look different in many ways. We not able to come out with full confident due to covid-19, we won’t attend big parties Read More

Payday Loans for Disability

Payday Loans for Disability Income Canada 97% Accepted

Need some fast cash to get over your ongoing cash crisis despite being a DSS dependant? Looking for a loan where you can get some immediate cash help to manage your expenses as soon as possible? If yes, you can easily go ahead and make an application for payday loans for disability. Payday Hunt is Read More

E-Transfer Payday Loans

Why E-Transfer Payday Loans Are Popular In Canada?

E-Transfer Payday Loans for all Temporary Fiscal Wants Payday Hunt Payday Hunt faces financial difficulties quite often in our life as our living standards have been modified because of the dramatic improvement of science and technology. But, the other side of the picture is that the income of the people is not increasing to that Read More

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