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This privacy policy applies for Payday Hunt. For someone who wants to access our website for loans, it is advisable that he or she must review this page which can be viewed online. This page has demonstrated about our collection, sharing and disclosure practices. Besides, you will also get to know about our commitment towards safeguarding your privacy rights and what are the steps that we follow to ensure this.

Payday Hunt for safety purposes of the application has designed a safe applying mode. So, without any worry one can apply and share some vital details here with us. We also want to assure you that here we are associated with genuine and reputable lenders. In short your application details will be shared with registered lenders only. Some special features have also been incorporated in our website which helps in restricting online scams and hacking of details.

It should be noted here one can explore our website to get some valuable information about loans without getting interrupted for sharing any personal information. But he or she is here to file in an application for loans then an online application needs to be completed and submitted here. In other words he or she will be enquired some details so that affordable loan offers can be planned for him or her.

Payday Hunt would collect both personally identifiable details and non-personally identifiable details from the application. Personal details that is name, physical address, telephone number, email id, social security number, date of birth, employment details, citizenship status, information about home ownership, frequency and amount of pay checks etc are something which should be highlighted in the loan application.

The reason why we would need these details is that these are required to be validated your actual identity. Besides, the contact information provided there will be required to get back to you with details about upcoming promotional deal, our products and services.

On the other side, there are non-personal details like IP address, access time, browser type and language, pages of Payday Hunt which have been accessed by the user, other websites that have been viewed by the user etc which can be known from the browsing history. The overall performance of this site can be known from these details. Moreover whether or not the website should tailor some of its operations can also be determined from all these details.

Payday Hunt reserve the right to amend tour privacy policy and we would also like to encourage you to keep yourself updated about recent changes in our policy.

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